*Midnight Cobras is currently experiencing delays in shipping due to the challenges of covid-19. Please note that Midnight Cobras is a Canada-based company and all orders travelling to U.S.A. and internationally may be delayed at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?
Due to covid-19, mail may take an unusually long time for delivery.
Here are the standard shipping times we are seeing lately:
Canada 1 week
USA 3-4 weeks
International 4-6 weeks

Can I access tracking on my package?
No. Tracking prices for packages shipped from Canada – where Midnight Cobras is based – is too high to add to our standard shipping costs. If you have not received your order within the time frame stated above, please contact us.

Do you accept returns and refunds?
Due to covid-19 all sales are final once a garment or item is shipped. This means no returns or refunds. If it has been 3 months and you have not yet received your package in the mail, we will provide a full refund for product as well as shipping costs.

If an item is sold out, can I still buy it?
Whatever is listed on the site is what we currently have available. We stock our store on the last day of each month; new items and any re-stocked items will be available for purchase on these dates.

What is your sizing info?
Midnight Cobras logo tees come in Adult/Unisex Small, Medium, Large.
Most of our cheeky sayings tees come in the following sizes:
Women’s Petite Small (fits ladies size 4-6)
Women’s Petite Medium (fits ladies size 5-7)
Unisex Small
Unisex Medium
Unisex Large
Unisex X-Large

Can I order custom tees or swag?
Sorry, we don’t do custom orders.

Can you sell/reserve an item for me before an upcoming collection
is released?
No. Every item is sold through our online stores. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity to purchase our goodies.

Where can I buy Midnight Cobras clothing?
Midnight Cobras is sold primarily through our online store (you’re already here). Select items can be purchased at Rockin Cowboy Clothing, Vancouver, BC.

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